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Silver Panda Live: Setting the Stage on Fire for the next Halfmoon Festival

In the electrifying sphere of electronic dance music, countless new talents rise, but only a select few leave an enduring legacy. Transcending ephemeral fame, the dynamic duo, Silver Panda, has consistently awed global audiences with their innovative live performances.

It is with exhilarating anticipation that we reveal Silver Panda Live will be the headlining act at the forthcoming Halfmoon Festival, ready to set the tropical paradise of Koh Phangan, Thailand, ablaze with their vibrant energy

Silver Panda SoundCloud

Who is Silver Panda?

Born from the creative minds of Leo Barcellos and Shlomi Berg in 2021, Silver Panda has rapidly catapulted onto the global stage. Based out of San Francisco and Tel Aviv, their sound is a delightful amalgamation of unique melodies, acid vibes, and groovy rhythms, making every performance a sonic journey to remember.

Chat-Topping Success: The Silver Panda Story

Silver Panda made an immediate impact in the music industry. Their potent tracks, like 'Soul Connection' available for your listening pleasure on SoundCloud, swiftly gained recognition and accolades from industry giants like Tiesto, CamelPhat, and Vintage Culture.

Silver Panda is leaving their mark on the industry, not just on the charts but in the hearts of techno lovers globally. Their track 'We Call This Acid' recently stormed to the #1 spot on Hype Overall, signifying a remarkable milestone in their career.

Adding to their impressive list of accomplishments, they've secured a position in the top 10 of Melodic Techno, a testament to their unique, resonating sound.

Further testament to their rising stardom, DJ Mag Brazil included them on their watchlist of promising new artists, solidifying Silver Panda's position as a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene.

Silver Panda's Versatility: From Space Motion to Sony Records

Never ones to let the grass grow under their feet, Silver Panda has demonstrated their sonic prowess way beyond crafting chart-topping hits. Their collaboration with Space Motion and their distinctive remix for Famba, released under the prestigious Sony Records, underscore their eclectic musical journey.

Not just content with blazing their trail, they've founded their own label, Panda Lab Records, further magnifying their clout in the global music panorama. If you've ever had the privilege of experiencing Silver Panda live, you'll resonate with the energy we're talking about.

Dive into Silver Panda's musical universe on Beatport

Silver Panda Live on the 9th & 10th of June at the Halfmoon Festival

There's an undeniable synergy in Silver Panda headlining live the Halfmoon Festival - it's as if their music was born to reverberate through the tropical air of Koh Phangan.

Much like the sonic journey Silver Panda crafts, Koh Phangan is a captivating fusion of tranquil beauty and pulsating vitality. The island, renowned for its lush landscapes and spirited nightlife, is a utopia for those seeking both tranquility and a party that lasts until dawn.

Silver Panda Live at Halfmoon Festival at Harmony Beach Club 9th of June

Get your Halfmoon Festival tickets to see Silver Panda Live

Grasp this unmatched opportunity to plunge into the pulsating rhythm of Silver Panda, performing live at the Halfmoon Festival, nestled within the pristine beauty of Koh Phangan, Thailand. Guarantee your presence amidst the wave of ecstatic dancers; this is one festive extravaganza in paradise you wouldn't want to slip away!

Don't let a moment pass - book your tickets now and spread the energy.

Silver Panda Live at the Halfmoon Festival 10th of June

Spread the Word about the Halfmoon Festival

Ignite the excitement amongst your friends by sharing this blog post, and extend the invite to experience the Thailand festival scene at its best at the upcoming Halfmoon Festival in Koh Phangan.

Together, let's create memories that resonate longer than the final echo of the last beat!

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