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Terms of entry

Age Policy

Only persons 18+ or older are permitted to enter our events unless accompanied by an adult. 

Ticket Policy 

  • ​You are prohibited from using your tickets as part of any promotion, competition, advertisement or give away, or as part of any product or service package, or for commercial gain, without the express written permission of the Promoter.
    Any attempt to do so will result in your ticket (and the ticket of anyone in your party) being void (resulting in the ticket not being valid for entry, and, if already entered, ejection from the Event) without refund.

  • The Promoter cannot be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged tickets or wristbands. In the event that you misplace or damage your ticket or wristband, you will not be allowed to re-enter the Venue. Please note that all tickets and/or wristbands will be thoroughly checked upon entry and exit of the Venue. 

  • Ticket price and availability may be subject to change without notice prior to purchase.

Unauthorized Ticket agents 

The Halfmoon Festival does not permit admission to the event using tickets bought from unauthorised agents. It is important to take precautions to avoid obtaining an unauthorised ticket. To ensure a safe and secure ticket purchase experience, please follow these guidelines:

  • Only purchase tickets from official authorised outlets. The Halfmoon Festival's official ticket agent is listed on the event website. If you are unsure about the validity of a ticket agent, please contact us for assistance.

  • Read all terms and conditions carefully before purchasing tickets from authorised outlets.

  • Do not buy tickets from internet auction sites or exchange/buy tickets on social networking sites such as Facebook.

  • Do not buy tickets from any individual or tout, either in advance or outside the event.

  • If there are no tickets available from authorised outlets, contact us for availability and guidance.

  • Tickets are non-transferable, and once purchased, they cannot be sold to others. The Promoter will not be able to assist you if you have bought tickets from an unauthorised source.

  • In case you encounter any problems, contact your credit card issuer as soon as possible.

  • Any ticket booking that we reasonably believe to have been made with a view to resell such tickets, or where the ticket has been purchased using fraudulent means, will be cancelled without prior notice to you of such cancellation.

  • The Halfmoon Festival reserves the right to cancel tickets purchased in excess of the maximum number per person per credit card or per household, as notified to you by our ticket agents and on our website before you make your booking.

  • Any ticket obtained in breach of these terms and conditions will be null and void. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to or eject anyone from the event with a void ticket. Any person seeking to use a void ticket in order to gain or provide entry to the event will be considered to be a trespasser and will be ejected and liable to legal action. Void tickets are non-refundable.

Search Policy

At Halfmoon Festival, we take the safety and security of our attendees seriously. Therefore, all individuals entering the festival site may be subjected to search as a condition of entry. We strictly prohibit the possession and consumption of illegal substances and "legal highs" on the festival grounds, and anyone found in violation of this policy will be immediately ejected from the festival and may face prosecution.

To ensure the safety of all festival-goers, our security team reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who may pose a risk to themselves or others, or whose presence may negatively impact the enjoyment of the festival by other attendees. In addition, we reserve the right to conduct searches throughout the duration of the festival if necessary. Please note that we operate a zero-tolerance policy towards drug use and anyone suspected of taking, dealing, or requesting drugs will be immediately searched and removed from the festival grounds.


Additionally, any person found in possession of offensive weapons will be detained, and the matter will be reported to the appropriate authorities. By attending Halfmoon Festival, you agree to comply with all security procedures and policies, including searches and the prohibition of illegal substances and offensive weapons. Refusal to comply with these policies may result in refusal of entry or immediate ejection from the festival grounds without refund.


Reliance On Information Posted 

Commentary and other materials posted on Our Site are not intended to amount to advice on which reliance should be placed. We therefore disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on such materials by any visitor to Our Site, or by anyone who may be informed of any of its contents.

Environment & Community

We prioritize the well-being of our environment and community. We kindly ask that you show respect by properly disposing of any litter in the recycling or waste bins provided throughout the Event venue, and by being mindful of water usage. Please also maintain the cleanliness of the festival grounds and surrounding areas, and refrain from causing excessive noise or leaving litter when traveling to and from the Event. Thank you for your cooperation.

Entry of refusal

The promoter maintains the right to deny admission to any individual if, in their reasonable judgment or that of their agents or representatives, that person's entry poses a safety risk to themselves or others, or may impede the enjoyment of the festival by the audience or hinder the proper operation of the event. As a condition of entry, all festival-goers may be subjected to a search.


No illegal substances or so-called "legal highs" will be tolerated on the festival premises. If discovered, possession of such substances will result in immediate expulsion from the festival and potential legal consequences. 



The Halfmoon Festival organizers, their employees or agents will not be held liable for any loss, injury or damage to any person (including you) or property caused by any circumstances, unless it is due to the negligence, widlful or malicious act of the organizers, their employees or agents.


You agree that the Halfmoon Festival organizers shall not be held liable for any indirect or consequential costs, claims, losses or damages arising out of or in connection with the Event and/or our obligations under these Terms and Conditions.


This includes but is not limited to loss of profits, anticipated profits, savings, business or opportunity, or loss of publicity or loss of reputation, or opportunity to enhance reputation, or loss of contract or any other economic or consequential loss arising from the performance (or any failure to perform) of these Terms and Conditions.


The Halfmoon Festival organizers will not have any liability to you whatsoever for any loss or expenses incurred in connection with the Event or any cancellation of the Event. This includes, but is not limited to, costs of any personal travel, accommodation or hospitality arrangements made relating to the Event or the cancellation of the Event, unless the cancellation is due to the negligence, wilful or malicious act of the organizers, their employees or agents.


Any accommodation packages provided by the Halfmoon Festival organizers will be subject to their own terms and conditions

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