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The Ultimate Thailand VIP Experience


the ultimate koh phangan VIP Experience

Elevate your Thailand VIP experience to unparalleled heights by upgrading your VIP ticket to a VIP table at the iconic Halfmoon Festival. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity, reserved for the discerning festival-goer seeking the finest moments Thailand's nightlife has to offer.


Step into the VIP Zone

Indulge in the Halfmoon Festival's VIP privileges for the ultimate bottle service experience in Thailand.


Gain access to the elite VIP zone and your own table, perfectly positioned for an uninterrupted festival experience. Savor top-tier spirits served by your private butler while enjoying the convenience of exclusive VIP restrooms.


Experience a festival like no other, highlighting luxury and comfort at every turn.



VIP Table Bottle service

Indulge in the exclusive bottle service included in your Halfmoon Festival VIP table package.


Select from our top-tier spirits - Absolut vodka, Havana 3Y rum, Jameson whiskey, El Toro, and Jose Cuervo tequilas, all part of your booking. For every VIP table, we provide one bottle set for up to 5 guests and two for groups of 6 to 10.

Forget about cheap alcohol; our commitment to high-end bottle service encapsulates the superior Thailand VIP experience we provide.Here, every detail counts in crafting your unforgettable journey.

Free Exclusive Merch with Your VIP Ticket

Step up your festival style with our exclusive Halfmoon Festival VIP merchandise pack. Show off your HMF T-shirt, rock the trendy HMF cap, and carry your essentials in the handy HMF bag.


More than just keepsakes, these items mark you as a treasured member of the electrifying Halfmoon

Reserve Your VIP Table and Bottle Service

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