Will there be an information booth / area?

Yes the information area is near the entry of the festival.

Will there be first aid on site?

Absolutely, there is a medical booth at the entry of the festival and an ambulance on standby in case of need.

Can I bring my own drinks and food?

it is not allowed to bring food and drinks from outside to the festival. But don’t worry there are plenty of drink and food options here to satisfy your need.

What time are the opening hours to the festival site?

The festival starts at 08.30 PM and ends at 05.00 AM. We want you to stay and enjoy the great Halfmoon Festival vibes and the Island spirit as long as possible.

What type of vendor will be on site?

Food, Drinks, Crafts, UV Body painting, Accessories… Enjoy the experience in every bit.

What items are not allowed at the festival?

Weapons, Explosives, Drugs, Glass bottles, Pets and all illegal stuff.

What is the minimum age to enter the Halfmoon Festival ?

The minimum age limit to enter the festival is 18.

It is raining. What should I do?

Face the challenge and keep on dancing. The festivities will go on, rain or shine.

I’ve lost my mobile phone / keys / passport / etc. What should I do

If you lost any of your belongings, you can check on our Facebook Fanpage. We will show all found items and you can pick them up the next day at Sunset Walk beach club in Bantai (opposite site of the BTT Gasoline Station).

Are lockers available at the festival site ?

No lockers at the festival site.

Can I bring my medication ?

Halfmoon Festival conduct an absolute zero tolerace policy with regardto drugs. If you need to take prescribed medication to health problems. You need to be in procession of a valid medical certificate, You are allowed to take these medications with you.


Do I have to bring my original ID / Passport to the festival?

Photocopies are fine but has to be very clear and the photo must be identifiable.

What kind of ticket can I buy?

We provide 4 different types of tickets: 1. Regular Admission Ticket 2. VIP Admission Ticket 3. Boat Package Included Regular Ticket [From Koh Samui] 4. Boat Package Included VIP Ticket [From Koh Samui]

What kind of Credit Card can I use to purchase my ticket?

We accept Visa & Master Credit and Debit cards and we also accept PayPal.

How many tickets can I buy?

For regular admission tickets there is a purchase limit of 6. This limit applies per person, per transaction, per credit, per billing address, per e-mail address and per other identifying factor. Any person or group that exceeds the wristband limit in any way it subject to and at risk of order cancellation and refunding at the discreation of HMF.

I can’t come anymore. What Can I do?


Will tickets been sold-out? Do I need to get the ticket now?

We recommend, to buy your ticket online on this website.

Can I change the name of ticket ?

Name change are not possible. Small spelling mistake not cause any problem at the entrance.


How long should I be staying on Koh Phangan?

The island is amazing, and we recommend staying 3-4 nights at leats, to really enjoy and experience this special place.

Do you have a shuttle service?


Will there be parking space around the venue?



Can I save photos and great moments in the festival using my DSLR camera and professional recording equipment?

Request DENIED

How about my camera phone, compact camera, other point and shoot camera?


Press accreditation?

Press accreditation are only possible if you are a photographer or journalist with an existing medium. Not for personal purpose or hobby.


Contract Halfmoon Festival

Make sure to check website and FAQ first, before contracting Halfmoon Festival. by doing so you could limit the amount of mails in mailbox and raise the reply time for no answer found in FAQ.

No answer found in the FAQ ?

PLEASW submit your question to info@halfmoonfestival.com