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      The forest which hosts the Half Moon Festival is located near the Ban Tai Village, on the island of Koh Phangan. Located in the southern part of the Gulf of Siam in Thailand, Koh Phangan is your dream-like picture-perfect tropical paradise island.

World famous for it’s many parties, the island is also home to wonderful beaches, hidden waterfalls and primeval forests.
Whether you come in search of hidden party paradise or in search of serene and relaxing places, you can still find both on magical Koh Phangan.

Ban Tai, is now the main happening spot of the island.


     It is conveniently located on the south of the island: between the two main arrival piers: Thong Sala & Haad Rin.

There is no airport on the island… so you will be arriving by boat from Surat Thani (mainland) or from Koh Samui (neighboring island which has an airport).


**THERE IS 3 Easy Ways to Reach the Party Island.

The most Easy and saving your time is talking Flights. 


with Bangkok Airway & Thai Airway to Koh Samui Airport and take the next boat to Koh Phangan is the shortest distance and time, but there are also 2 cheaper flights from Air Asia & Nok Air to Suratthani Airport that you can connect & request with next boat to Koh Phangan.

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Koh Samui Airport

Suratthani Airport



there is only one Bus company that reach the Island including all  transfers, 

PHANGAN TOUR 2000 VIP BUS COMPANY normally Bus are departure from Bangkok Bus Station

(Southern Bus Terminal) at 6pm ,you will be slept over night and arirve around 10am to KOH PHANGAN this route is available daily.



( Sleeping TRAIN with Fan or Air-condition) Booking your trip with any Travel Agency ,the departure time from 6pm - 8pm



Samui International Airport is the closest airport to Koh Phangan, and fastest way to reach the island. With daily flights coming-in from Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and many International routes.
​The journey from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan is done by boat:

> By Ferry > about 60 minutes, and costs about 450 Thai Baht. The last Ferry departs Koh Samui around 6 PM.​

> By Speed Boats: Takes about 30 minutes, and costs about 1400 Thai Baht. Speed Boats depart from Samui at 9, 10 and 11 PM These prices are for direct speedboats to and from the event, and taxi hotel transfer.


Surat Thani Airport is for low-cost airlines, it takes longer to reach Koh Phangan but prices are cheaper.

The journey from Surat Thani Airport to Koh Phangan is done by bus (from the airport to the pier) and then by Ferry or Speed ferry.

> Bus+Ferry: Takes about 5hrs and costs about 500-1000 THB.

> Bus+Speed Ferry: Takes about 3hrs and costs about 700-1200 THB

> If you fly on Air Asia you can book bus+ferry tickets directly from Air Asia website

> Ferry Companies: Lomprayah: and Raja Ferry: