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DECEMBER 7th & 8th // Einmusik, Ghost Rider, Barak White, Vakabular @ HALFMOON FESTIVAL

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DECEMBER 7th & 8th // Einmusik, Ghost Rider, Barak White, Vakabular @ HALFMOON FESTIVAL
DECEMBER 7th & 8th // Einmusik, Ghost Rider, Barak White, Vakabular @ HALFMOON FESTIVAL

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Dec 07, 2023, 2:00 PM – Dec 09, 2023, 1:00 AM

Harmony Beach Club & Halfmoon Festival, 72 39, Tambon Ban Tai, Amphoe Ko Pha-ngan, Chang Wat Surat Thani 84280, Thailand

Prepare for an epic adventure

🌠 Halfmoon Festival: December's Most Awaited Eclipse of Sound & Soul! 🌠

As the year draws to its grand finale, there's one rendezvous on Koh Phangan's shores that's summoning souls across the globe. This December, immerse yourself in the transcendent aura of Halfmoon Festival, where music isn't just heard, but felt deeply within. 🍃🎶

Day 1 - December 7th @ Harmony Beach Club: 🏖️ From 14:00 onwards, let the waves be your dance partners. Arrive early to bask in the sun, relish a beachside lunch, and indulge in the preliminary vibes of what's to come.

Day 2 - December 8th in the Enchanted Halfmoon Forest: 🌳 Gates swing open at 21:00. Beneath a canopy of stars and amidst whispering trees, let the night's allure sweep you off your feet.

Brace for the Musical Titans of December :

🔊 Einmusik: Dive into a symphony of deep techno and progressive house. Einmusik, with his signature touch, promises an immersive soundscape that oscillates between dreamy ethereality and powerful crescendos. Be ready to drift and dream.

🔊 Ghost Rider: Trance aficionados, rejoice! Ghost Rider is set to lead us into an electrifying realm of psychedelic trance. Every beat promises an adventure, every drop - a cosmic story.

🔊 Barak White: Explore the enigmatic fusion of beats and rhythms as Barak White takes you on a ride through the diverse realms of electronic music. Each set, a fresh revelation.

🔊 Vakabular: Returning to the decks of Halfmoon, Vakabular will once again mesmerize with his unparalleled blend of house and techno. A sound experience that tantalizes both the heart and soul.

With December's cool breezes and Koh Phangan's surreal beauty, the festival promises more than just music; it's an experience, a memory, a story waiting to be lived. Envision thousands uniting under the luminescent glow of the half-moon, each beat echoing the collective heartbeat of a tribe called Halfmoon. 🌗✨

Ever wondered how legends are born? They're made on nights like these. And the tales of December 7th & 8th will resound for years to come.

🎫 Your Key to Eternity? Tickets are up, but not for long! This is your chance to step into the chronicles of Halfmoon's December lore. 🕰️

See you where the horizons of reality and dreams blur into one. This December, we dance under the stars, and beyond. 🌌🔥

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