When is the next Half Moon Festival ?

Very easy to remember the party dates, it is always one week before and one week after the "Full Moon Party". Check our
2014 and 2015 Schedule Date here.

Jan: 8th, 24th
Feb: 7th 22nd
Mar:>8th, 24,th
Apr: 7th, 22nd
May: 7th, 21st
Jun: 6th, 20th
Jul: 5th, 19th
Aug: 4th, 16th
Sep: 2rd, 16th
Oct: 1st, 15th, 31st
Nov: 14th, 29th
Dec: 14th, 27th
Jan: 13rd, 27th
Feb: 14th, 25th (Anniversary Valentine's Day Halfmoon In Love)
Mar: 12th, 27th
Apr: 12th, 25th (Water Festival Thai New Year Celebration)
May: 11th, 25th
Jun: 9th, 24th
Jul: 8th, 24th
Aug: 7th, 22nd
Sep: 5th, 21st
Oct: 4th, 20th
Nov: 3rd, 19th
Dec: 3rd, 18th


8th January :
SPIN TWIST NEW YEAR: AUDIOMATIC / AKUSTIK / BASSFORSCHER / (Spin Twist Records) / SIDEFORM / Quinto Elemento (Prog-on Syndicated) / BORN SLEEPY (HomMega Music) / Boom Shankar (BMSS Records) / TRIPICAL.NOTE (All Recs)

24th January :
TWIST'n'SPIN : AKUSTIK & BASSFORSCHER (Spin Twist) / BORNSLEEPY & Illumination (HomMega Music) / Quinto Elemento (Prog-on Syndicate) / Tripical.Note (all Recs)

FEB 2014/ 12nd Anniversary DJs & Artists

** 7th February 12th Anniversary:
Boyonic / Quinto Elemento (Prog-on Syndicate) / Liquid Soul (iboga Music) / SKAZI Live( / Tripical.NOTE / BornSleepy & Illumination and Surprise Guest

22nd February

Artist and DJs on the list:
www.Spintwist.de Liquid soul, ZENTURA (iboga Records), Vaishiyas, Neelix, Audiomatic, Acventura, Coming soon, Day.Din, DJ BassForscher, DJ Akustik & Mustik, KHAINZ (Echo Recs), Aquaspace/SunDose (Utopia Recs) X-NOIZE, Major7, Pixel, PsyCraft (HOMmega Records) Cybax , CosmicTone, Pop Art, Osher, Earsugar, Dani W., Eitan-Injection (D.N.A Record), Egorythmia, Avshi, Save the Robot, Switch (Phantasm Recs), DJ Martin, Querox (Porg on Syndicate), TRIPICAL (All Records), MYSTICAL, Born Sleepy, illumination, Zane (Prog on Syndicate), Ear Sugar, Human Element, Alezzaro (iono Music), Omiki, Analyzer, Note (All Records), Protonica (lono music), DJ Lar Lee (Germany), Boyonic (Backyard Lovers) Kaempfer&Dietze, Jackatek, KOPEL, Symphonix, Rocky, DualCore, Etic (Digital nature Records) and many more DJ from world Famous Label are coming to perform with us (Halfmoon Festival) keep updates ...

All artist going to make a great vacation and get more inspiration at www.baylounge.com all year 2013 "Come and Satisfy Your Soul ..."

Checking updates
Special Thanks :
Program of the night start at 9PM

Harmony Team always create good sounds in the most beautiful Jungle Venue with Asian culture Art & UV Decoration in unique Coconut Garden.

9pm-10.30pm (Build-up your minds with Chill-in Project from Harmony studio & Canadian Duo (www.moscowfish.com) with Fire Show & Many Fantasy's Performers.
10.30pm-1am Main floor : Mr.Robot "DJ BOYONIC (BackYard)" start spinning Quality house music /Tech-house/Breaks Feat. Timjorn Cook Live on Saxophone & Live Percussion.
1am Main floor : Asian Top electronic Dance music Producers Jao's Live in Harmony Style under his new Progressive project : TRIPICAL & CYBAX from ALL records.
2am Main floor : International Live artist & Guest DJs are performing with high energy & good shows until 3am.
3am Main floor : World famous artist & Djs from high quality European's records label, perform Promotion set & Unreleased live set until we all touch the melody of first Sunrise.

Tickets cost ?

Admission - 600THB. per Person (around 20 usd) including Entrance Fee, 1 welcome drink (Free) + 1 Original high quality audio CD compilation Halfmoon Festival Vol.4, If buy this Album online on www.beatport.com will cost you $20, Absolutely FREE with every tickets at the Entree. plus Discount Coupon for Lunch or Dinner at www.baylounge.com

Half Moon Festival offers you SAFETY FIRST Please always keep shoes on in party zone, don't bring any kind of fireworks, weapons or Drugs.

Our advice is don't be tempted by drugs, this island has had a bad reputation for a long time and the open taking of drugs is not tolerated. The police are very hot on stopping the problem. Do not carry any kind of drugs to the party. Motorbike accidents are fairly common; So, always keep left, be careful on sandy corners and never Drink & Drive! Taxis and rental jeeps are cheap especially if you hire one in a group.
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