Half Moon is Famous for its good music. It provides an original blend of tribal house and trance beats for an unbeatable party night. All music is mixed live and the party showcases the latest remixes and unreleased tracks from our private studio and worldwide connections. Half Moon Festival takes place twice a month, one week before and one week after full moon.

DJ J.a.o aka Tripical (Lebel : All records)

DJ Tripical or DJ Jao the leader of Harmony DJs Team, Start DJ since 1998. Start Produce track for Halfmoon Festival in 2009 To describe his Music its mean Progressive Trance with Uplifting Groove &Fat Bass lines ,drive in Techno elements . Always positive Melody & sounds not to deep with Full on rhythms, now he is Resident Artist for the Team & working for the famous Rock & Electronic Music Label, All Records in Thailand.


DJ NoTe start Spin as Professional DJ at the age of 19, now he's 21 with full of mixing experiences. In 2006 he explored the dance floor with his own track “100% Note” and Powerfull Live Acts with his Friends who's working as Sound engineer from DJ Center in Bangkok . Keep your power and wait for his set before sunrise in Half moon Festival Main floor….and fasten your seatbelt at the end of his set !!!

[ DJ NoTe Website ]

DJ Patt

DJ Patt Resident DJ at Full Moon Party. Patt's Music always keeps Dance floors in higher dimension, August 2006 he spent two months on a world tour in Europe; Voov Ex-in Germany, France, Switzerland and Greece. Now he is resident DJ for Half Moon and Full Moon at Tommy Bar , Rin Nok Beach , Thailand.

DJ Leung (Magic Phangan)

DJ Leung he is well known for his wicked! mixing skill. He invented the DJ scene For Our Island and world tour in Europe; at Voov Ex-Germany and Antaris & Zoom in Switzerland . Now he is resident DJ for Black Moon Party and developed his New Project 2006 “Ban Sabaii Day party” in Ban Thai Village.

DJ Psy Frog

DJ Psy Frog From Om Trance club in Phuket Island has been searching for the right place for his Groove. Year 2000 he found Phangan Island and start make to make the Dance floor Jumping like his DJ Name! Now on his set in Half Moon, please make sure that your Energy is enough to Jump Hi !!!

DJ Ping Punk

DJ Ping Pung From Harmony Team, Zoom & Full Moon Bar, this Southern boy grew up to close to party village; this Village connecting him with Israeli full on sound. If you love the same don't miss his set in Half Moon Infected Mushroom - Skazi -Astrix with his powerful guitar will make you crazy !!!

DJ Johnnie

DJ Johnnie our brother from England, who's always brings us good Technics and new Idea to keep dancefloor smiles and dance like there is no tomorrow and Bring all country “become one”, now he resident DJ For Ban Tai Ban Sabaii day party...

DJ Boyonic (HalfmoonResident2010)

  • Resident DJ for Backyard Club (Full Moon After Party) since 2005
  • 2006 Resident DJ at main floor Full Moon Party
  • 2007 Resident DJ at Full Moon Paradise Beach Arena
  • 2008 Resident DJ main floor for Halfmoon Music & Dance Festival

DJ Boyonic is Phangan top House Electro & Break, today. He spinning 12” with his New Electro Break Driving Bassline with Powerful kick at Half Moon Dance Floor Magic Area.

DJ Mystical (Hi-Tech Studio Co., Ltd)

Q 27 Yearold aka DJ Mystical been travelling all around Australia for 4years and come back home with new possitive Groove and Riding Bassline with Emotinal Morning Break. To discribe his music: its Perfect Music for After Hour and Great Mixing skill with Music for the Nature in the first Morning Sun, Flowing your Mind with his Groove & Sounds @ Halfmoon Festival - Pha-Ngan Island - Thailand


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